The Heritage

Rizwan Fashion is a business that has its foundations in the formative years of UAE. Rizwan Ahmed started working over 40 years ago in Abu Dhabi, slowly building a name in the Emirates and GCC region. In 2005, in order to increase production capacity and accommodate a growing number of clients, Rizwan Fashion was established in Abu Dhabi. From comfortable jalabiyas to luxurious kaftans, Rizwan Fashion’s craftsmanship has earned the loyalty and trust of over three generations of customers. Over time we have adapted to trends and market demands while staying true to our roots as a modest-wear brand.

Today Rizwan Fashion stands for premium quality and design excellence in a market that is known to never compromise. Always keeping the customer at the core, our brand has adapted to a new generation of women who are rooted in their culture yet ambitious to move forward in the world. Rizwan Fashion stands for premium and practical fashion that transcends trends.